Our History

In 2009 Charmingly Pink, founded by Sheretta West, joined the fight against breast cancer, the most prevalent cancer in women worldwide. Charmingly Pink began as an annual fundraiser to promote breast cancer awareness and support breast cancer research. In Charmingly Pink’s inaugural year, breast cancer survivors Rene’ Syler, former co-anchor for the Early Show on CBS and film, stage and TV actor Richard Roundtree shared their inspirational journeys at Charmingly Pink’s annual fundraiser.

Inspired by the stories of Syler, Roundtree, loved ones and countless others, Mrs. West was moved to expand the reach of Charmingly Pink. As a result, Charmingly Pink continues to support organizations like Susan G. Komen, Houston Affiliate and The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Oncology Division. Charmingly Pink has contributed to the breast cancer movement through the Susan G. Komen Houston Affiliate which utilized funds raised by Charmingly Pink for a new project that will help improve the access to breast health services for the underserved and uninsured. This unique tool will provide users with a single resource offering current and free health access information for breast health services and offers interactive mapping capabilities. M.D. Anderson has used Charmingly Pink donations to fund research in the oncology division under Dr. Sharon H Giordano. M.D. Anderson’s unmatched range of equipment includes the latest strategies to treat tumors aggressively, while reducing or eliminating some of the side effects that accompany radiation treatment; creating a better quality of life for patients.

Susan G. Komen is the largest source of nonprofit funds dedicated to the breast cancer movement. M.D. Anderson, the leader in researching new methods of breast cancer diagnosis and care, uses leading-edge and innovative technology such as the most current treatment planning technology available to “map” tumors and designing treatments with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring that tumors get the most effective dose while healthy tissues and organs are spared (M.D. Anderson)

Additionally, Charmingly Pink has made significant contributions to important organizations like The Rose, and Sisters Network, Inc. Charmingly Pink is dedicated to helping researchers and physicians move innovative ideas from the laboratory to the bedside of patients.

The vision of Charmingly Pink is support breast cancer research, early detection and life saving treatments and we will continue to advocate for these areas to ensure that resources and education is available until a cure is found!